Healing Prolapse: 100+ Affirmations for Your Journey Within

Spoken and written words hold powerful keys to our healing, yet most never tap into the true magic they possess. We learn to use them as communication tools, but very few understand what words really are: energetic keys to endless possibilities.

What we speak forms the foundation for what we experience, therefore plays a critical role in our holistic healing protocol. This e-book is a collection of affirmations that empowered journalist Shannon Dunn to fully heal stage two uterine prolapse, holistically and naturally. 

Read from beginning to end, or simply open a page at random to receive the positive words you may be needing most.


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Live Gratefully

How do we find gratitude amidst the hardest times? What is it that calls us to seek something more?

Live Gratefully is a book dedicated to humanity, to each and every person who feels a knowing they were born to discover a deeper meaning within them. Regardless of where you are at in life, regardless of your perceived wrongs and rights, this book is for you.

An inspirational account of the author’s own journey and insights as she awakened from caterpillar to butterfly, each word was written to be a support on your own journey in life.


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